Upddate on my post 4 hours ago ….

Putin’s nuclear forces action is ‘escalatory and unnecessary’: US defense official

Earlier post: I can assure you of one thing; (I hope not) if Putin sees he is getting his #ass-kicked, he will pull out all the stops and use anything/weapon necessary to win this war. This is more of a personal issue thing with him then a political one . That in-itself may #exacerbate WW III. Donald Trump must be reading THE GOOMBA GAZETE. I said that a week ago.

It is absolutely frightening to even think that this mad man would consider using nuclear weapons. He has to know, give him when he opened the can of worms, will change the world entirely. Everyone of The Super powers will have their hand right next to the red button ready to push it. It is total insanity where this guy is going.

Most pathetic part of this scenario; how the hell can he be stopped??

I certainly hope the super powers will put their heads together and come up with a way to stop this insanity.

Speaking of insanity; it might be quite possible the Judo guy lost his fuckin mind, taking too many hard throws to the mat.

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