CRS is on a rampage in D C …

Another thumbs up for the Democrats and their very infectious cases of CRS (can’t remember shit)!!

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer falsely claimed Thursday that the Supreme Court was made up of “all White men” until 1981, skipping over the late Justice Thurgood Marshall, who was appointed by Lyndon B. Johnson in 1967.

The lead Dumbo-crat, Kamikaze Joe, at times can’t remember the difference between how is his wife and his sister; other times has no idea what state he’s in. So how can we justifiably expect Chuck Shurmur to remember that Thurgood Marshall was a black guy and served in the Un-Supreme Court? HELLOOOO Chucky boy!

Helping hand Joe – the older lady on the right is your mom.

I am sure that all of Marshall’s relatives are thrilled with your lapse in memory; Like the guy never existed.

Chuck; you better get in a corner and put that dunce hat on Until your memory is resurrected. You’re making your party look like shit but, I think they reached that point long before you put your two and a half cents in.

By the way; Kamikaze Joe, if you are reading this post, it is February 3rd 2022. Trying to keep you on the right track buddy.

Big 4' leaders to begin talks with White House on ambitious budget deal-  POLITICO
Nasty Nan – think we are ready to make the move yet??

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