Putting K J into hiding …


What would the hierarchy in the military do if they had an incompetent General or commander in charge of their troops. It should be a pretty easy question. They would fire the misfit, put him out to the pasture somewhere so he could graze the rest of his life and stay out of trouble.

So I asked you, my fellow Americans (I sound like a politician) what is the hesitation of in getting rid of Kamikaze Joe?? He is got to be one of the most dangerous people on the planet. The real anchor in this situation; his replacement is worse than he is, by far

In his own right, he is as dangerous as the Judo Guy, Charlie Chan and The Rocket Man. I would not be the least bit reluctant to refer to him as the enemy within. He is doing everything in his power to destroy the country.

The only thing that he did make a half assed attempt at since he’s been in office was too make proposals to upgrade our disastrous infrastructure. BUTT as we can see, I have not seen one yard of concrete poured, one blade of grass turned over or, one crane moved him to position to make a pick. Everything the man has tried has been a disastrous flop.

For you folks that follow the Goomba Gazette faithfully; you may remember the comment I made the other day when I said; when someone in government fucks up enough, there is never any disciplinary action taken, all they do is promote the sons a bitch, put them in hiding where nobody can see him .

In Kamikaze Joe situation; they can’t promote him because he is (unfortunately) in the highest office in the country, So what the hell is there alternative but to ship him around the country trying to make him as inconspicuous as possible; so he doesn’t make a bigger fool out of himself than he has already.

If this is the best the United States has to offer (it seems to be) we are in sad ass shape.  One of the old cliches used to be; we can always tell the stability and the quality of a company or organization by the quality of their leadership. HELLOOOOOO!!

I think that about says it all

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