From bad to worse to worse to worse …….

I cannot help but wonder how long before my bosses shit-can me???

When media like USA TODAY and CNN are getting on Joe’s ass, things must be getting really serious.

KJ had no idea how good he had it before he threw his hat in the ring. He had it made in the shade in the first grade, collecting that big paycheck, sucking up all the bennies and not a worry in the world.

He gave into the pressure from the big money to run for president, the #big-money knowing how #feeble-minded KJ was, just to get a #puppet in the Casa Bianca that they could #control. Knowing that somewhere in his presidency he would be shown the back door and make Car-mella the first black female president of the United States. That is what what this whole #conspiracy/scenario is all about; beside trying to turn/steer the United States into a #socialist-government where the only winners are the birds sitting on the top branches, the birds on the lower branch only get shit on.


I will guarantee one thing; if K J had any idea  just how rough this sledding would be on that slope he would have never brought his sled to the top of that mountain.

Now that both of his #tits are in the ringer, he is between a rock and a hard place and really nowhere to run. He is to ignorant and arrogant to see the error of his ways and changes methodology that is physically and #mentally #killing-him and killing the country. That is one stupid man.

Asking him doctor Phil’s favorite question; how is what you doing working out for you so far???? That is one stupid man.

One of my favorite analogies; I have a little compassion for young dummies, but old dummies that keep making the same mistake over and over are absolute fools. Take a wild guess as to where KJ fits in that scenario. #That-is-one-stupid-man.

If KJ would answer that question $truthfully and admit just how #fucked-up he is, and willing to turn it around, there may be some hope for this country. But based on the #current-conditions the USA, dire straits with KJ at the helm, he continues to steer this #metaphorical-vessel into a #shitstorm.


Statue of Liberty

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