Society should be as kind to mankind as they are to animals …..

Choomba, a beloved gorilla at Zoo Atlanta, was euthanized on Thursday at 59-years-old after a decline in her physical condition.

Choomba, a gorilla at Zoo Atlanta, euthanized at 59-years-old

Most beautiful creature but it was time for him to go

The government the #medical-community-society should definitely consider changing their positions on euthanasia for the sake of the patient. But that will never happen. There is too much money involved keeping people doped up in wheelchairs, drooling all overthemselves, not knowing where the hell they are, only a burden to society, but are HUGE money makers for the system.

nursing home
Medical workers take care of patients in the emergency room of the Nossa Senhora da Conceicao hospital that is overcrowding because of the coronavirus outbreak, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, March 11, 2021.  REUTERS/Diego Vara

Now you tell me; who is really benefiting by keeping SOME of these severely ill people alive?? No one but the #establishment-medical-community and the owners of these facilities.

I am not suggesting anyone be terminated before their time; what I am suggesting is, no one should be strung out into #misery just for the sake of a big buck$.

I have always said; when a person is born they should be issued a pill and it should be up to them or their family as to when they want to take it. Keeping someone alive just for the fee it’s totally unacceptable and should not be permitted.

Do nursing homes make profit?

Image result for how much money do nursing homes generate in the United States in a year

A majority of the 15,600 nursing homes in the U.S., about 70%, are for-profit. Most of them are privately owned, although their organizational structure can vary, with some owned by private equity companies, explained R. Tamara Konetzka, a public health sciences professor at the University of Chicago.

Aside from the fact they are making 70% profit, not in all cases but in some, treat many of their employees are treated very poorly.

In 2020 nursing homes generated $72 billion a year. That is not small potatoes. Can we see why they are so opposed to euthanasia?? Stupid question huh?? Hell no. That does not include what the hospitals doctors and other medically connected facilities make. The numbers are staggering.

Can we see the reluctance in the medical community wanting to keep extremely sick and unhealthy people alive?? You betcha.

When mankind or society puts their financial intere$t before the citizens of this world, it is a very sad case. That condition seems to becoming more and more prevalent. The almighty dollar!!

What I am suggesting; we/society start treating humans as humane as we treat animals that have lived the good life and are beyond saving. Will that ever happen?? Hell no, they will never slaughter this CASH COW.

The older a person gets and starts developing different medical syndromes, the more sense this will make to them.

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Keep filling those buckets Homer

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