The King of contradictions ……..

Biden’s border grows deadlier by the day

Time for the White House to admit that its policies have failed and are getting people killed


It’s been a running joke, though not a very funny one, since President Joe Biden took office. The administration insists that the border is closed, but everyone with a TV set or even a transistor radio knows that’s a lie.

We know the man is crazy, butt what he is doing and isn’t doing is absolutely nuts and insane.

Where is the man’s logic or common sense. Where??? He doesn’t have any. He has the immigration gates swung wide open allowing hundreds of thousands of possibly COVID infested people to crossed into the United States; relocating them in the dark of night to various parts of the country, but at the same time he is demanding that all American citizens be vaccinated.

Is there any rationality or common sense attached to anything this administration does?  It sure as shit does not look like it.

ITDNPTIONC nothing else will. This is Car-mella’s take and solution to the boarder dilemma: To the extent that there is any plan to stop the death and destruction at the border thus far it involves Vice President Kamala Harris addressing “root causes.” Someday you see, once climate change is solved and Guatemala becomes a functioning nation, illegal immigration won’t be needed anymore. It will simply wither away.

This fool really did not say that did she. If the end game of the immigration problem is as Car-mella puts it, to wait for climate change to take full effect; hell may freeze over sooner. Where in the name of anything sensible or sacred does this nitwit come up with these conclusions?? Andddddd; you ask why this country is so dysfunctional?? Take a good look at who our leaders are and that will answer your question.

Allow 100,000 illegals into our country that may be infected, BUTT want to penalize or possibly lock up our own citizens if they do not get the shots. WAFJ!!!

If I were K J I would stay as far away from microphone is possible. Every time he opens his mouth he makes a bigger fool of himself and show the world just how ignorant he is.

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