Car-mella is beating out her (supposed) boss….

Kamala Harris barely beating ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ in Google searches

Vice President Kamala Harris is barely beating the anti-Biden slogan, “Let’s go, Brandon,” in Google searches as the former California senator attempts to beat back negative press about her performance thus far in office.

According to Google Trends, “Let’s go, Brandon,” reached its peak popularity in web search inquiries on Nov. 1, one month after the slogan, which really means “Fuck Joe Biden,” took the internet by storm. 

It is pretty bad when anyone can score lower in the approval ratings than K J. Shameful to say; Car-mella now has just achieved that distinction and just reached that millstone. To think there are fools in this country that still think these nitwits are doing a good job.

Kamala Harris attack on Biden a backdrop in VP pick - Los Angeles Times

I don’t know if there has ever in the history of the United States been such a poor choice for a presidential candidate and appointment of a vice presidents then these two lugens. They give Chubby Checker a hell of a run with his trademark; HOW LOW CAN YOU GO. Sad to say I don’t think they haven’t even started to reach their pinnacle yet.

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