Donny is right again ….

Trump: Biden could bring US ‘to a point where we can’t come back’

Obama was markedly divisive, but Biden is ‘far worse’ and more overt, fmr president says

Former President Donald J. Trump warned that President Biden and the Democratic Party’s heavy-handed pivot toward a far-left-wing and globalist governance could reach a point where future elected officials cannot course-correct and the republic as-founded will be lost.

I have said it so many times; once we give up something/anything we never get it back.

The damage this fool Kamikaze Joe and his puppeteers have inflicted on this country for the short amount of time he has been in office is immeasurable and mostly irreversible. If left unattended, just think of how much more he can F-up up the country in the next 3 years.

Just opening wide the immigration gates has been a monumental catastrophe. Spreading 100’s of 1,000′ of illegals around the country in the dark of night into different communities; many of which are criminals, less than stellar people and most have not been vaccinated for Covid.

It dumbfounds me to know that ANY MENTALLY STABLE (That leave K J out) person can approve of these measures knowing all well and good that they are destroying the country. We do not have to be Harvard graduates to see the destruction K J has caused, it is all over the news. Even the far-left media like CNN are putting the BAD MOUTH on K J’s experimental way of governing.

Where in the hell does COMMONSENSE come into play?? It goes way beyond stupidity. Whether anyone wants to address it as such; K J is actually conducting a form of treason where he is taking down the country. How can the once powerful United States of America be in such deplorable condition, sit by and watch this happen??

Treason, the crime of betraying a nation or a sovereign by acts considered dangerous to security. In English law, treason includes the levying of war against the government and the giving of aid and comfort to the monarch’s enemies.

I hate to use the word revolution, but if that is what it takes to get this country back under control, so be it.

The only positive thing K J has attempted to do since in office was to introduce the rehab of our infrastructures. That was in May. The new year will soon be upon us and I still do not see any dozers or excavators making any dust yet.

Biden infrastructure plan seeks fixes for existing roads. Some … › 2021/05/23 › highw…

May 23, 2021 — President Biden’s plan puts the focus on repairing roads, calling for a $50 billion fix-it-right fund to restore 20000 miles of highways and …

TRUMP: “If you look, President Obama was very divisive, but people were more quiet about it. They didn’t want to insult him, but he was very divisive,” Trump later added. “But the Biden administration is far worse. In fact, I noticed the other day where Obama said ‘this is very dangerous’; all of these — you know, what they’ve done. It’s too much for him,” he said.

I find that hard to believe that TMC would criticize K J when he is supposedly one of K J’s puppeteers and the force behind him. If TMC did say that, it is all a front. TMC is squarely behind what K J is doing and is a very big cog in the revolution wheel. TMC is the one that got the socialist ball rolling.

It is astounding how much damage K J has done to this country in the short time he has been in office. Even the fools that have supported him on his side of the fence are bad-rapping him.



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