Poison wearing high heels ….

Kamala Harris, gaffe machine: VP’s public appearances marked by awkward moments, controversies

Harris floated as possible successor to Biden presidency

Personally; I think the token lady (using the word loosely) is a complete nutcase and failure. All she has done since sitting on K J’s lap is make a mockery out of her office and show the public what a complete dud she is.

Did the fools that gave her the tap on the shoulder (it certainly was not K J) know what a flake she really was?? I find it hard to believe; BUTT so are all the incomprehensible shots they pull.

It is beyond reason that these fools would do what they did deliberately, knowing that they are destroying this country. I don’t think they are all that ignorant, and this is all part of their MASTER PLAN.

Even these nutcases would not make such irresponsible decisions.


Carm has proven time after time she is a complete failure. It is pathetic enough that K J may be considering another run for the top job, many times the guy doesn’t know what day it is. BUTT to consider Carm in 2024 would be total insanity.

The DO-NOTHING VP is just riding out the wave hoping that K J drops dead or gets the boot before his term is up. Heaven helps us if that happens (good possibility it will). They are BOOF pathetic, BUTT as bad as he is; I would rather take my chances with K J than the wack-job Car-mella.

It seems I am not alone:

Kamala Harris Approval Rating Falls to Historic Low of 28%https://www.businessinsider.com › Politics

Nov 8, 2021 — Biden hit another all-time low in the same USA Today/Suffolk poll at 38% approval. The closest comparable for Harris is former VP Dick …

Even Chuck Manson had a bigger following.

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