Gotta talk to them in a language they understand ….

Groups of thieves target two more high-end stores in California

By Joe Sutton, CNN

Updated 10:38 AM ET, Thu November 25, 2021

I am going to stoop as low as these thieves using language they understand. Gotta start busting a cap in their ass to get the right message across. If not, the stormy seas will get much more turbulent.

Once again I will use Dr. Phil’s quote: How is what you are doing now working out for you??

Is the ignorance of the lawmakers and politicians off the charts or what!!

Mexico ignored all of the banditos when the drug thing took off south of the boarder; hoping the dust would settle and get back to normal. Tell me; who has more fire power and money now??

Don’t say it can not happen here. When would have ever thought that conditions in the USA could be as bad as they are now?? Like a slow growing cancer; it does not hit you all at once, but left unattended it certainly wins the battle.

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