A phony – is a phony – is a phony ….

Watters: Kamala’s laugh a ‘defense mechanism’ that often works; ‘failed miserably’ with Lester Holt

Harris, a California Democrat, has been criticized for employing her laugh at inopportune times.

Watters must be reading the Goomba Gazette – that is a good thing.

Small minded people with big positions – sign of insecurity ….

Posted on 07/01/2021 by The Goomba Gazette

It looks like I am not the only person that sees right through Car-mell’s smoke screen with that pasted on smile/laugh of hers. Watters is being polite – I call it a shit eating grin.

It is astounding how many fools out there that are sucked into her phony/put on personality. That put on laugh is not only a defense mechanism for her; she is also laughing at the people she is snowballing.

This is the same thing she does when her SUPPOSED boss, J J (Jokin Joe) orders her to go to the wall and get it under control. She laid that phony grin of hers on him and told him, in so may words to F O. It took over 80 days to get her booty down there and she only stayed 2 hours. What the hell can she accomplish in that short amount of time. All it was, like she is, a token visit. The only reason she made the stop at the boarder, she was on her way home to see her relatives.

The very least Car-mella can do when J J gives her an order, is to moan a little like she is enjoying it.

If we think conditions are bleak now; just wait until the changing of the guard takes place and J J is carried out of the Oval Office in a straight jacket. I am positive that will put a permanent grin on Carm’s face.


Who would have ever thunk …..

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