I just gotta have that weed …..

Sha’Carri Richardson won’t run 100-meter dash at Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for marijuana

Tyler DragonUSA TODAY

I need my weed

Now really; just how smart is Richardson knowing that at anytime she and all the other Olympic contestant may be check for drugs?? I would say; NOT VERY SMART. She claims the reason she toked is her biological mother had died. She said it was a heavy emotional burden for her on the eve of her first Olympic trials, where she was considered the heavy favorite, and that it sent her into a state of “emotional panic.” 

It is too bad that a lady with that much talent/ability could not control her urges until she did her thing. That has to be a big disappointment to the team as well.

It is safe to say that all of her dreams of winning the gold went up in smoke.

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