How do we even rap our heads around something like this …

Wisconsin man gets 20 years for killing son, 5, in fight over slice of Father’s Day cake

A judge said the state could have sought a more severe charge against the defendant, which could have led to a harsher sentence

Travis Stackhouse struck his 5-year-old son, leading to the child's death, authorities say. (Milwaukee County Jail)

Calling this piece of trash an animal is an insult to the animal kingdom.

How do we even rap our heads around something like this; beating your own child to death because he ate a piece of your cake.

There has to be a special place in hell (if there is such a place) for this reprobate.

Hopefully the bad asses in prison have a welcoming party arranged waiting for his arrival. Funny as it seems, they have a particular disdain for child killers and molesters.

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