Food for thought ….

You may not totally agree with everything the ex-cop said, BUTT there definitely are an imminence amount of issues discussed and should be food for thought.

Based on what I saw on the video, this cop definitely way over stepped his authority and use of deadly force/police power to subdue Floyd. I think the court got this one right.

On the other hand; many of the issues discussed in this video are right on the money.

What I find very suspect and unusual; how can a family be awarded 27 million in a wrongful death suit cases that was not yet decided by a court of law. Does anyone think that is unusual.

Watch the video and get the FULL impact of what this ex-cop had to say.

It should not be a big revelation to the black community that they have a gigantic problem within their ranks as far as crime goes. 13% of the population, yet they are responsible for 50% of the crime. Watch the video.

Unless they step up and admit it, then take steps to do something about it; all we are doing is pissing up a rope.

Anyone that knows anything about anything; the 1st avenue to correcting a problem is; admitting it. Denial is very counterproductive that can and will destroy an entire community. It is happening now.

I can not imagine that the ex-cop is the most popular dude on his block.

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