Correction ….

It looks like Billy Boy is stepping up to the plate and telling it like it is, not just being another permissive sheep in the flock

A furious Bill Maher has slammed Kevin Hart for his ‘ridiculous’ claim that ‘white power and white privilege’ is at an ‘all-time high’, as he called out woke liberals for suffering from ‘progress-o-phobia’.  

One thing I will say; if we are telling it like it is; at this time in history black people have as many or more advantages in some areas than the whites.

Next time you plop your posterior in your recliner watching the tube, take a good look at how many commercials have black actors in them.

13% of the population – 50% of TV commercials (lawyer ……/2415102-13-population-50-tv-commercials-3.html

However, Entman and Rojecki found that in their sample of 1,620 ads on ABC, NBC, and Fox, African Americans appeared in 32.0% of the ads — 3.3% of the ads featured only Black actors, 28.7% of the ad

I say equality is a good thing if exercised properly. One race should not dominate the other. That does not seem to be the mind set of some black people. Some of their leaders don’t want a slice of the pie, they want the whole pie. Equality does not mean dominance.

Racial issues in this country are never going to make any headway as long as everyone is pulling in the opposite direction. I really don’t see it happening. The only possible time races are going to unite as one is when the mass majority are all the same skin color, through interracial connections. BUTT folks, I am sure we will still find something to bitch about. It is called human nature.

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