It is a good thing they did not burn this thugs toast …..

It is a good thing they did not burn this thugs toast; no telling what he would have done.

New York police are searching for a man who allegedly violently assaulted a father and son last weekend after the son accidentally sideswiped the suspect’s car while pulling out of a parking lot, according to reports. (I like how they use the word allegedly, it is on video).

Surveillance video appears to show the suspect punch Mohi Ahmed, 55, in the face, then beat his son Adel Ahmed, 23, to the ground, all while his girlfriend pleads for him to stop, according to the New York Daily News. 

It is not bad enough the thug/punk gave the father and son an unjustified ass whipping; the prick stole the father wallet while he was laying on the ground.

Isn’t that what all cultured citizens do to settle their scores?? The kid and old man were lucky Tomaso the Thug didn’t have a gun. The wife and mother of the victims would have been planning two funerals instead of visiting them in sick-bay.

I strongly recommend that all people learn some sort of self-defense from a qualified teacher and have the balls to use if needed. One finger or two can save your life.

Unless highly trained; after disabling the thug, DO NOT stick around and throw hands with them. Injure them enough to incapacitate them, then get your hat or bonnet to safety.

A swift kick in the nuts also is an attitude adjuster in self-defense situation.

If you are too squeamish to poke someone’s eyes out; just think of the fact, this coward bitch may have intentions of killing you. That should give you a different perspective. A person can die as easily from a punch as they can being shot. It happens everyday. Don’t be a victim, be a survivor.

I also recommend carrying a weapon, something as simple as a very sharp pencil. You never know when you will need it to save your life or someone’s life that is with you.

Grasp the pencil securely in your hand and place your thumb on top of the pencil to hold it firm, while your are jamming it into the thug head – into their hand – into their eye – through the side of their neck or into his throat.

Folks; a little clue. It is either their life or yours. You decide.

I would like to strongly stress this to my younger readers; only use deadly methods like this if your life is in jeopardy.

Self defense is like an insurance policy. We have it if we need it BUTT hope we never have to use it. Better be safe than sorry or winding up in Boot Hill.

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