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Texas House Has Passed Legislation To Punish Cities That Vote To Defund Police

Parler Facebook Twitter The House of Representatives in the state of Texas has passed a new bill that will punish cities for voting in favor of defunding their local police departments. advertisement — content continues below “Let’s support public safety in this state. Let’s support our police. Let’s back the blue,”  Republican State Rep. Craig

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Do these fools ever read the news or watch the tele to see what is going on in this country?? Evidently they are too ignorant to read or too stupid to see the severity of the conditions.

The solution to racial harmony and peace in this country is NOT defunding or shit canning the cops. The secret formula IS NO SECRET, On ALL SIDES of the fence is EDUCATION from infancy.

If kids are raised in dysfunctional families that are taught to hate the cops and disrespect the authorities, guess what!!!

Ask the mayor of Portland how he likes the end result of his doing a hands off policy for all the rioters. The man can not be totally stupid. After the hugs burned down half of his city, the boy had an epiphany and saw the error of his ways.

Although Teddy Boy made a turn around, it took him over a year to do it. I heard of slow learners, BUTT this boy has a very thick skull.

After Nearly a Year of Unrest, Portland Leaders Pursue a … › 2021/04/27 › portland-protest…

Apr 27, 2021 — The mayor of Portland, Ore., recently urged people to report anything they … After the protests have concluded, sometimes in the early morning … I get sick to my stomach. … in which police officers declare an unlawful assembly or a riot. … The store eventually found another insurer but must pay four times …

Come on folks, we are not supposed to be savages, we are supposed to be a civilized society. In some case, it makes a person wonder.

It appears that the cowboys and cow girls out west have a lot more sense than many of the other cities and states. There is absolutely no way any society can function with out or reduced police forces. It just can not happen.

Texas House Has Passed Legislation To Punish Cities That Vote To Defund Police

If we could get the criminals out there (of all races) to cut out their lives of crime, we would not need any cops, period. BUTT as we all know; this is not a perfect world.

Tell me; who are the sign carrying fools above going to call when their ass is in hot water?? Naturally, 911.

To the fools: Get your shit together, get you heads out of your ass, wake up and smell the napalm. Your cities are burning and you are cutting the grass.


If anyone takes offense to my method of communicating; cancel me out.


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