The real ROOT CAUSE of the problem is, fools like her….

Status is onlineFrank Marchant• 1stFounder; Marchant Media LLC8h • 8 hours ago

VP Kamala Harris: “Violence Against LGBTQ People and Afro-Descendants a ‘Root Cause’ of Migration Crisis:”


AYSM?? Did Carm really say that??

The best defense crafty people like Car-mella use is to try and divert the blame away from themselves, is by putting it on another hot topic.

It has been almost 2 months since her BOSS gave her the assignment to take charge of the wall situation but she refuses to show her face. My opinion is; if she doesn’t have to answer any questions by not going to the wall, it will not show her as incompetent as she really is.

Possibly the country is better off with her telling J J to kiss her ass. She is better off not going to the boarder and confusing the conditions more than they already are.

In a nut shell, there is only one and only one answer to the immigrant dilemma. Lock the gates and have people migrate into the country using the proper channels. What do we think of PDT’s solution/approach now??

It is impossible not to admit; opening the gates of immigration will go down in the history books as one of the biggest, but not the only, blunder J J will have made as president. #2 picking Car-mella.

Don’t let anyone fool you, Car-mella is a slick as they came. She is deliberately/purposely ignoring J J’s orders.

Who is really running the show??

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