Playing right into their hands ….

Louisville police department staffing ‘in dire straits’ amid high crime rates, recruitment woes: union

LMPD has made headlines since the March 2020 death of Breonna Taylor

In case no one has noticed, the bad guys are winning the war. This is exactly what the rioters have tried achieve; lawlessness and disorder, with no fear of reprisals, forcing the cops to quit.

It took the mayor of Portland months and billions of dollar$ of destruction before the light switch went of in his head.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler held a virtual news conference Wednesday in an effort “to address city recovery and resilience.” Protests have continued for 90 consecutive days in the city, and many have turned violent, as protesters have clashed with local, state and federal police. “Enough is enough. Aug 26, 2020.

When are the other liberal fools going to have the same wake up call??

Who can blame the cops for getting a hat. Anyone in their right mind would do the same thing. It would be the same scenario as if soldiers were sent into battle and forced to march against the enemy with empty rifles or no weapons at all. They are virtually being sent on a suicide mission every time they hit the street.

Does that make sense to any of the idiot that operate these cities which are under siege?? Let us put their liberal ass on the front lines to see what their resolution would be.

Nearly 190 cops left the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) in 2020 and 43 have stepped away from the Kentucky city’s agency so far in 2021, either choosing to retire or resign altogether, as law enforcement officials struggle to recruit new members to make up for a deficit in manpower, authorities and a union spokesperson told Fox News on Tuesday.

Do these number suggest anything to anyone?? As of Sunday, there had been 84% more non-fatal shootings so far this year, with 201, compared to the 109 instances reported during the same time in 2020, LMPD statistics show. There were 56 murders reported as of Sunday — a 75% increase from the 32 reported by April 25, 2020.

Folks; this is not just an isolated case of The Blue Flu. The cops are fleeing the scene for fear of losing their lives. The fool authorities are sending them into battle with no ammo. I am sure; if it were an even playing field and the cops could retaliate in kind (fight fire with fire) these conditions would not exist.

Anyone one want to be a cop??

Unless situation like this are brought under control, the conditions are only going to get worse and become more wide spread.

There can only be one reason the authorities in these cities are not allowing the cops to defend themselves in kind; they have to be on the same team as the rioters.

As the fool mayor of Portland said; enough is enough.

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