Nasty Nan need to be pasteurized ….

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Pelosi faces intense backlash after thanking George Floyd for ‘sacrificing your life for justice’

Speaker accused of viewing Black people as pawns in her political cause

This old hag really flipped her obsequious lid. All the fools like Nasty Nan want to grandstand and make THEIR statement just to stay relevant and keep their kisser in front of the camera. N N is the leader of that parade of attention seekers. .

I am surprised N N did not compare Floyd to Joan of Arch in the she statement she made.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is facing intense backlash after she thanked George Floyd for “sacrificing your life for justice” Tuesday following the conviction of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on murder and manslaughter charges.

I have to feel relative sure that is was not Floyd’s personal choice/intention to give THE BIG ONE up for the Gipper.

My question still has gone unanswered. Who did N N catch on their knees to survive this long as Speaker of the House (3rd in line)?? She gotta have some dirt on someone.

When you think of who is running (or supposed to me running) the country: J J (Jokin Joe) Biden – Do nothing Car-mella – and Nasty Nan; that scenario is frightening. Just think of the damage they have inflicted and will continue to inflict because none of the top 3 are capable of sitting where they are.

This is the 28th day Car-mella has thumbed her nose at J J by refusing to follow his orders and go get The Wall dis-ass-ter cleaned up. Do we even have to AXE; which one of them is really running the show?? Probably neither.

They all work for me

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YETTTTTTTTTT, she remains in the 3rd highest seat in the government, appointed by her peers. Does anyone see anything wrong with that picture?? Gotta have something on somebody.

Could not have said it better

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