Whatever happened to The Land of Free Speech ……

HFPA member Philip Berk ousted after calling BLM a ‘hate movement’ in an email

Berk was an HFPA member for 44 years and served eight terms as president

Philip Berk, a former president and longtime member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the organization that governs and votes for the annual Golden Globes, has been ousted from the group’s board after sending an email that called Black Lives Matter a “hate movement.”

Andddddddddddd; I would NOT classify BLM an Old Girls knitting circle. Like so many other movements; they started out as peaceful and with good intentions, but eventually turned upside down when the rebel rousers got involved. Now what it has has evolved into from their deliberate actions is anything but peaceful.

Photos don’t show victims of a Black Lives Matter ‘hate group’

https://apnews.com › article › afs:Content:9303240721

Aug 28, 2020 — CLAIM: Photos show five white people who were beaten up by a Black Lives Matterhate group” because of their skin color.

Portland man beaten during downtown protest: What a new 32-minute video  reveals - oregonlive.com
Black protester who carried injured white man through angry crowd says he  was trying to avoid catastrophe – DNyuz

Do these pictures look like a Sunday family picnic to anyone. It is OK with some of the black community to raise hell (justifiable so) if one of their own get beat up or physically abused; but when a white person has the shit kicked out of them and beaten severely, it is not classified as a racial issue. Most of the media (if they even report it) puts it on their back page where no one can see it.

Folks; double standards are the primary reason the race relations are as they are in this country. If we ever want to see a turnaround; each side is going to have to wear the jacket for their involvement.

Don’t be like the lying politicians we have who never admit wrong. If you are part of the problem; you don’t have to publicly admit it, do what you have to and admit it to yourself. But if you are one of those righteous fools and never accept any responsibility for your part; STFU!!!

I think organization like the HFPA that retribute against their people who are ONLY expressing their personal/honest opinions like Phillip Berk, they are all a BUNCH OF COWARDS. Cowards liker the NFL owners that succumb to players/media pressure because of the $$$ and no backbone.

It should not be who has the most fire power between the races, but how can we make this racial hatred mentality disappear.

What should we all be striving for?? EQUALITY

Equality def:

Social equality is a state of affairs in which all people within a specific society have the equal rights, liberties, and status, possibly including civil rights, freedom of speech, property rights, and equal access to certain social goods and social services. Wikipedia

The key word being equal. Equal is 50 – 50, not 60 -40 or 30 -70. If all people want to be treated equally, they have to act in a manner that is conducive to getting respect. You want respect (and you should) but first you have to give respect.

Is this supposed to be a civilized, striving for peace comment or what:

Black Lives Matter leader states if US ‘doesn’t give us what we …

https://www.foxnews.com › media › black-lives-matter-le…

Jun 24, 2020 — Black Lives Matter leader states if US ‘doesn’t give us what we want, then … Black Lives Matter president Hawk Newsome discusses the movement with … we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. All right?

In many of the cases involving police using deadly or physical force; their actions were justified because of the circumstances. That does not matter to the people in the BLM movement.

What would they do if they were confronted in a similar situation?? In many cases, you would have to walk in the cops shoes to appreciate the severity of the situations.

I have done so many post on RESPECT, they are too many to count. Two key words to the success IN any society, they are RESPECT & EDUCATION.

Respect me, I respect you. Cut and dry. No race, no color, not who your daddy is; ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.

It is no one’s fault that is living toady how history unfolded 200 plus years ago when a bunch of fools kicked off slavery. The clincher that not many people want to talk about; black people were just as culpable was the white.


https://www.politifact.com › aug › viral-image › viral-p…Claim: “At the PEAK of slavery in 1860, only 1.4% of Americans owned slaves. What your history books (don’t) tell you is that 3,000 blacks owned a total of 20,000…

What do the black people today think of their forefathers for their involvement in slavery??

Just like many black people refuse to admit their criminal actions in their community are a big factor in the police brutality, they do not want to talk about their involvement in slavery.

It will never be sorted out because there are too many selfish money mongers out there that are making millions from the suffering of the people.

Corporate America; do not be pressured into taking sides that do not have any bearing on your industry. Right is right, an opinion is an opinion no matter what their skin color is.

What do we think of the comment LaBron James made that is certain to open a big can of worms??

LeBron James accused of inciting violence with ‘YOU’RE NEXT’ tweet targeting Columbus police officer


To the black community. There are far more white people that want peace between the races than not. Like the bad cops in uniform, the bad ones have to be singled out and exiled.

Remember; RESPECT & EDUCATION are the keys to success in the world. If WE do not want to see our kids and grandkids grow up as stupid as we ALL did, do something about it. EVERYONE had a hand in the problems we face, one way or another. Be the solution, not the problem. We all bleed the color red.

If we do not want to see our kids grow up in the same ignorant environment, set the example and do what is right.

Let us ALL start admitting our involvement in the problems and do what we have to to correct them. The smart (smart being the key word) person admits the problem and its source and does something about it. The fool just keeps bitching/complaining and keeps sticking their fingers in the rat trap.

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