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I have the Italian version. If all a person ever ate in their life were Rigatoni topped with Vodka sauce and never had any Tripe (used to be considered a poor mans food, now it is a delicacy if prepared properly) the poor man’s chow; when they are forced to eat it, they have a rude awakening.

Metaphorically; if all a person ate all their life was surf and turf; whenever they were forced to eat liver, it also would be a shocker to them. Gotta eat some liver (hard knocks) and Tripe in our lives in order to appreciate the surf and turf (the better things in life) in life.

That also applies to raising kids. They have to experience the tough times in life to appreciate the good times. When they fall, if nothing is broken or a severe injury; tell them to get up, dust themselves off and keep playing (exaggerated). You will be doing it more for their benefit than yours. Don’t spoil them; you will be creating monster that will hate you for it later in their lives.

I know so many people these examples can be applied to. I have always maintained; I will have a little compassion for a young fool that makes an occasional mistake; but the old fool that keeps tripping over their shoes laces and does not have sense enough to tie them, they get no sympathy from me.

Making mistakes and having the backbone to admit it is a very admirable characteristic. I have not seen many, if any, politicians that fits into that category. It is always the other guy.

The way humans point isn't as universal as you might think

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