It is about time people are held responsible, no matter what color their skin is …..

Republicans slam Maxine Waters for telling protesters to ‘get more confrontational’ over Chauvin trial

Waters has history of controversial comments

This down-right historical nasty old broad has been getting away with everything BUTT murder, all because she is a female and she is black. It is human nature for people to do or say anything they please if they know there are no consequence for their actions.

The first thing that comes out of her #FLY-TRAP when her #ass is against the wall is #racism.

That is nonsense. Fools like her will not admit that racism goes both ways. In my opinion; some black people are more racist than many white people. Mush Mouth Max is leading the parade, along with Albert Sharpless. They are doing everything in their power to keep the race flames burning.

Do they have a legitimate gripe, hell yes; but on the other hand, they have some culpability that they do not want to admit.

No one can point the finger at anyone else if they are contributing to the same problem.

If this racial fire is going to die out, I do not see it happening for decades; unless it happens by attrition with the inner-racial connections. Maybe then it may simmer down. But we can be sure that the above mentioned people will do everything they can not to allow that to happen. They are #making too much #ging-a-ling keeping their people #pissed-off, while they are milking the cow for all they can get.

Keep running your mouth Max; the more you do, your true COLOR comes out and the more ridiculous you sound, if that is even possible.

Round and round we go; where we stop, nobody knows.

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