Judiciary Committee approves bill funding commission that could recommend reparations

Bill provides $20 million to create a commission to study effects slavery and Jim Crow era laws have had on Blacks

How difficult is it for some idiots to understand; NO ONE should be held responsible for another person action??

Axe any of these fools that are pushing for reparation this question. If their granddaddy or anyone else in their family were a murderer and a rapist, does that make them murderers and rapist?? Case closed.

All these people are looking for is ANOTHER FREE handout on top of all the other social service freebees they now receive. In which book is it written; life is a free ride??

When we have notable fools like TMC (Obama) pushing for foolish issue like Universal Income; whose premise is; no one is obligated to work but gets a government paycheck every month; what are these people suppose to believe?? He is just another black very wealthy leader pulling his people down further and further into a deep black pit.

Obama: Consider a universal basic income – The Week…1:24:46

Jul 17, 2018 · Obama: Consider a universal basic income July 17, 2018 In his first major speech since leaving office, former President Barack Obama endorsed the idea of providing a ……..

Tell me that this would not destroy this country!!

The human body can be compared to a car that has sit in a field for 20 years doing nothing but rusting away because of it’s lack of use. By nature; we all have to work/stay active in order to keep the gears in our body lubricated. Without out the metaphorical lubrication, our bodies seize up and will cease to function.

Image result for old acr abandoned what the woods
This once beautiful Caddy is nothing not a bucket of rust due to lack of use/activity.

ON top of the audacity of considering this ignoramus proposal; they are allocating 20 million dollars to conduct the study. WTFIGOITC???

I have a brilliant idea on how to save 19 million dollars. Have these proponents (fools) AXE me what I think of their proposal. In a few short words I can answer their question. NFG!! I will only charge them 1 million for my opinion. Bargain of the month.

Let me take a wild guess. Are the meetings going to conducted thru teleconferencing that is virtually free or at the Four Seasons where some of the rooms are 500 per night??No need to answer.

I really do not see anyone pulling in the reigns on these reckless fools.

This was published in 2018. Can we even imagine how much in debt the country is in than 3 years ago:

10 Things That Would Happen if the United States Went …

    1. Massive Increases in Violent Crime. Unsurprisingly, newly bankrupt governments have consistently …
    2. Get Away With Not Paying All Debts. Before we get to the grimmest single entry on this list, let’s take …
    3. Demanding Money from the World Bank. In the event that that then-President and others do not …
    4. Bond Lawsuits. It’s often forgotten in this turbulent political climate that part of America already has …See full list on

NOWWWWW; on top of all the other monetary issues we are dealing with; these fools want to pay reparation to the black people for something that happened 200 plus years ago and as a matter of fact; their own people played a big role in slavery.

A significant number of these free blacks were the owners of slaves. The census of 1830 lists 3,775 free Negroes who owned a total of 12,760 slaves. Many black slaves were allowed to hold jobs, own businesses, and own real estate. How will their involvement be dealt with??

I know I am pissing up a rope trying to convince some fools that their demands are unwarranted. Did slavery actually happen along with many other atrocities/incidents in our history?? Absolutely yes. Can we change history?? Absolutely not. So instead of the idiots that run this government pissing away trillions on their hair-brain ideas, why not spend it on EDUCATION and WORK PROGRAMS to get the people out of the mental and physical Zombie like states/ruts they are in??

If we are smart enough to look at the big picture and all of the future down sides to reparation; admitting the people that come after them will be more pathetic than their are. The ONLY answer to it is; EDUCATION not a vacation!!

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