A pig is a pig is a pig …

It is extremely amusing how different/hypocritical news organizations view and express themselves in their news reporting.


Hundreds gathered for a third night of protests to express anger over the police killing of a Black man in a Minneapolis suburb as prosecutors could decide as soon as Wednesday whether to charge the officer authorities say shot him.

Definition of dem·on·stra·tion/ˌdemənˈstrāSH(ə)n/noun

  1. 1.the action or process of showing the existence or truth of something by giving proof or evidence.”it is not capable of mathematical demonstration”Similar:proof substantiation confirmation affirmation corroboration verification validation evidence indication witness testament
  2. 2.a practical exhibition and explanation of how something works or is performed.”a microwave cooking demonstration”Similar:exhibition presentation display illustration exposition teach-in demo expo

Nowhere in CNN’s piece do they mention violence or destruction.


At least 60 arrested for rioting, other charges in third night of unrest over police shooting

What does rioting mean?

riot[ˈrīət]VERBrioting (present participle)take part in a violent public disturbance.”students rioted in Paris” · [more]synonyms:rampage · go on the rampage · run riot · take to the streets · fight in the streets · start a fight · raise an uproar · cause an affray · run/go wild · run amok · go berserk · fight · brawl · scuffle · raise hellbehave in an unrestrained way.”another set of emotions rioted through him”archaicact in a dissipated way.”an unrepentant prodigal son, rioting off to far countries”

Now even a total imbecile knows the difference between rioting and demonstrating.

Does this look like a demonstration or rioting??

Portland Police Command Defends Bureau's Aggressive Tactics and Describes  Protesters as “Agitators” - Willamette Week

The pathetic fools at CNN and other liberal news media that will not label what these riots what they are have their head up there ass and does not want to call it like it is. Tell the tale the way it should be told.

They remind me of a stupid mother that spoiled the shit out of their kid all his life. One day she saw Junior standing at a bank tellers window with an AK-47. The permissive fools said to her friend; “look how nice Junior is playing with the lady”.

These are deliberate acts of denial; for all intents and proposes; by not acknowledging what it really is, these fools are add gas to the rioters fire.

CNN and the other pacifists; start reporting the news the way it should be told and quit soft soaping the situations. Wake up and smell the Napalm and report it like it is, good or bad!!

VIETNAM: THE PERFECT NAPALM TARGET - ppt video online download

Not a camp fire for roasting hot dogs – it is Napalm. Notice any difference??

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