J J is covering his own Kester before Easter….

Biden’s administration to ask Trump-era US attorneys to resign, how does it affect key probes?

Biden’s administration to ask Trump-era US attorneys to resign, how does it affect key probes?

The Biden administration will ask U.S. attorneys appointed by President Trump to resign from their posts, but the prosecutor overseeing the tax probe tied to Hunter Biden, the president’s son, will remain in place, a senior Justice Department official told Fox News late Monday.

The prosecutor must already be in J J’s pocket.

J J and his crew are going to make it as difficult for the government as they possibly can, pull out every dirty trick in the book, for the governemnt to go ahead with the case against his kid. They will prolong it as long as they can and optimistically have the charges dismissed.

I reality; J J is covering his own ass by throwing a monkey wrench into the investigation.

Image result for rolling monkey wrench into it cartoon

If Biden’s party has enough power to possibly have rigged the election; I would say the sky is the limit.

If Hunter goes down; so will Hunter’s GUY, JJ. It would be in the best interest of Jokin Joe to make the investigation as #complicated and #difficult as possible.

The guys across the pond saw a very #troubled-guy who was an #alcoholic and a #drug addict that just happen to be the son of the vice president of the United States. They took advantage of his #weaknesses in order to get next to daddy.

It would not surprise me if they have more #damming-evidence against the kid, like videos and tape recordings of their conversations. When the time is right, they will drop the boom on the Bidens.

Lets face it folks (I would like to see them argue this) without J J there are no deals made. Did all of the foreign governments that wanted to get next to the vice president of the USA chose Hunter because he was a good looking kid?? You answer that.

After all; in his own words, the kid put it in ink!!

Image result for Hunter Biden my his fathertaught me well

Example: Who would buy the book if Hunter was not J J’s kid. Why would the foreigners deal with Hunter if he was not the VP’s kid?? I think the answers are obvious.

If J J allows this to move forward; he will make Trump’s shenanigans looking like they came from the APRENTICE. In my opinion; I think J J is more concerned about his own ass than his kids. That may be up for debate.


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