J J would not know the truth if it bite him in the crotch ….

FOX NEWS FLASHPublished 2 hours ago

Biden’s ban on oil and gas leases on federal lands a ‘direct attack’ on Wyoming, says governor

Mark Gordon directs state agencies to assess financial impacts of Biden order


I have been saying this for years; the lousy politician will say or do anything they including, coming short of selling their mother just to get a vote.

J J clearly #lied his way into the Casa Bianca. If he would have come clean from the beginning, during the campaign, as to what he true intentions were, he would have never won the election.

100’s of 1,000’s of #union/blue-collar workers vote for Jokin Joe. In turn, he did what he does best, stabbed them in the back and more over in their bank accounts.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon called President Joe Biden’s executive order restricting the oil and gas industry a “direct attack” on Wyoming that will lead to a significant revenue loss for his state.

“Losing that revenue is devastating to our schools, devastating to our communities, devastating to those small businesses that really depend on the energy sector,” Gov. Mark Gordon, a Republican, said Monday on “Fox & Friends,” referring to Biden’s move to stop oil and gas drilling on federal lands.

Hold on to your hats folks, J J and his #sick #socialist-crew are just getting started. I can bet that many 10’s of 1,000’s that voted for him are not celebrating now.

Look at the devastation in less than a month. He has 3 years and 11 months to go. There is still a good possibility that Car-mella will be sitting in the BIG CHAIR before the end of this term.


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