Yet another AYGBSM!!!!

Lindsey BOY; how many American ladies American ladies have it tough?? How about putting a few thousand dollar$ in the American ladies accounts before squandering it on foreigners!!

Where the hell is it written, the USA is the savior and bank account for the world. We have enough of our own problems to deal with instead of sticking our nose where it does not belong and supporting women from other countries. Clean you own house before you clean someone else – feed your kids before you feed others.

How much are we talking about – 1,000.00S – 10,000.00$ or 100,000.00$ each? Wake up and smell the napalm. Our country is falling apart – the country just elected a guy that is on a mission to demolish the country and Lindsey is talking about funding Pakistan’s women. How about Italian – Polish – French – Oriental and the rest of the ladies in the world. GMAFB

We have to quit making the problems of the entire world our problems. Did you ever hear of charity begins at home

Lindsey BOY; how about putting a few thousand dollar$ in the American lades bank accounts before squandering it on foreigners!! Unbelievably stupid and reckless. What kind of cheap weed are you smoking?? HTF did you get elected??

Lindsey Graham's Brett Kavanaugh rant, and history with Trump, explained -  Vox
Sticks and stone will break my balls BUTT ,,,,,
Trump: America First: The President Succeeds Against All Odds: Lewandowski,  Corey R., Bossie, David N.: 9781546084921: Books

As Donald Trump touts, USA 1st.

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