The Brat has a great script writer ….

There is absolutely no way The Brat wrote this denial of guilt.

Helen Keller – Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles all can see this guy is a degenerate bum.


Hunter Biden says US attorney’s office is investigating ……

2 days ago · Hunter Biden is the president-elect’s only living son, after the death of his eldest child, Beau Biden, of brain cancer in 2015. The Biden-Harris transition team said in a separate statement …

The Walls are Caving in Around the Biden Family, It’s ……

Oct 14, 2020 · The evidence clearly showed that Hunter Biden was a perverted drug addict who was collecting millions of dollars from foreign companies on behalf of his father, “the big guy.” Twitter blocked links to the news story and suspended accounts of people who shared the pictures.

He is a stone bum, BUTT his old man said yesterday, he is proud of The Brat. That figures, he is the one that created this monster.

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