The #invisible #Chinese …..

Hunter Biden requested keys for new ‘office mates’ Joe Biden, Chinese ’emissary’ to CEFC chairman, emails show

Just like COVID-19, the invisible killer; according to Hunter Biden, the business arrangements with him and the Chinese do not exist. They must be invisible.

How can anyone, according to Hunter does not exist, be contacted and asked to make keys for their office for Hunters partners if they do not exist??

An email by Hunter was sent to the invisible/non-existing people asking them to have keys made for his partners in crime. Is that in itself a crime?? Hell no, buy denying the existence and working arrangement with these invisible people may be.

Hunter Biden requested in 2017 that keys be made for his new “office mates,” listing his father, President-elect Joe Biden, Jill Biden and his uncle, Jim Biden, for space he planned to share with an “emissary” for a chairman of a Chinese energy company, according to an email obtained by Fox News. 


In his communication to his Chinese partners, the fool lists his new office mates as, daddy ex-VP J J Biden, who coincidentally holds all the keys to all of The Brat’s transaction, without J J, there would be no deals. J J denis any knowledge or involvement in his kids business affairs.

It seems to me that many criminal are not savvy enough (stupid) to know that all communications with their thieving partners should be verbally and extremely clandestine. Once it is in ink, or on video they are screwed. Let us see how the Biden’s try to bullsh their way out of this one.

Is J J ever going to have to fess-up that he was involved in The Brat’s illegal business dealings and that he held the keys to the operation?? He never will. He will take those secrets and lies to the grave with him, possibly a lot sooner than he planed. Car-mella is chomping at the bit.

If it was not sad, it may be funny, how many the deliberate lies politicians make with a straight face. All the time knowing, with their high priced shyster ambulance chasers, they could drag out investigations for decades.

Ambulance Chasers | Chattanooga Times Free Press

Considering on all the corruption in DC, I don’t know just how far The Hunter -and JJ thing will go; solely because, if The Brat goes down, so goes the old man and the rest of the crooks involved. That is the clincher.


One thing for sure; if all of these allegations were hammered into the public before the election, not concealed by the left media and it could be established J J’s involvement, there would have been a different outcome.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

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