Cage had the world by the balls and blew it …

Fox News

Nicolas Cage files for annulment 4 days after getting married:


Either the booty from blonde was not up to his standards or Nick was high as a Georgia Pine when he said I do.

This guy had more opportunities than the majority of people on the planet ever could conceive of, being the nephew of Martin Scorsese. Uncle Marty took very good care of his nephew, butt the fool blew everything he had.


How Nicolas Cage Wildly Spent a $150 Million Fortune – FinanceBuzz

Nicolas Cage made over $150 million acting between 1996 and 2011, …. But getting caught up with the finer things in life can be devastating if your bank …

9 Bizarre Facts About Nicolas Cage | Mental Floss 5, 2018 – Sharing magic mushrooms with a cat is a very Nicolas Cage thing to do. … It’s the other facts of the 54-year-old Cage’s eventful life that make some wonder ….. exploring the destructiveimplications of feminine beauty and male …

Nick is just another in the long line of successful people that could not handle his good fortune.

What is next for Nick; probably more B-rated movies to keep the wolf away. I find it very difficult to have any compassion for someone like Nick.

But what do I know; my uncle was worse off than I was.

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