Obama’s right hand fool …..

Rahm Emanuel blames Trump for Jussie Smollett controversy, creating ‘toxic environment’, tells him to ‘sit on the sidelines’


Rahmie has a lot of balls criticizing anyone. THE BOY has been a failure at mostly everything he was involved in.

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Let us not forget who his mentor was. Once he sat at the right hand of Obama. The apple did not fall far from the tree.

If I was as unsuccessful as Rahmie, I would crawl in a deep hole and not come out. Yet he feels that he has the right to bust PDT’s balls. AXE the Windy City folks what they think of his political performance.

CHICAGO – Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Thursday emphatically urged President Trump to butt out of the ongoing drama over embattled “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett as he blamed him for creating a “toxic environment” where someone would allegedly fabricate such an attack.

“My recommendation is the president go to Opening Day baseball, sit on the sidelines and stay out of this,” Emanuel told a group of reporters.

The mayor called Chicago a “Trump-free zone” and blamed the president for creating a “toxic” and “hate-filled” environment that allowed Smollett to think he could get away with faking a hate crime.

Rahmie and the rest of the Boulder Rollers better take notice of what happens to out-of-control fools that bad mouth the prez. He has a very good memory and is a kind of GET EVEN guy. Avanetti ring a bell??

A word to a fool should be sufficient.

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