Live by the sword, die by

James “Whitey’’ Bulger, the Boston gangster who eluded authorities for 16 years before being captured and convicted of participating in 11 murders in 2013, has died at a prison in West Virginia.


I can’t believe that many people will shed a tear for the 89 year old gangster/murderer/thief. I don’t think Bulger should have had any complaints. He lived 89 years, with the vast majority of that time was making other people’s lives miserable while he was living the good life.

He was a stone cold killer, a sadistic narcissistic heartless degenerate. On top of all of those uncomplimentary handles, he was also a RAT/FINK FBI informant. Whitey beat and killed numerous people for the exact the thing detested, being  RAT.

Bulger, was found dead Tuesday, the Federal Bureau of Prisons confirmed in a news release, which said Bulger had arrived at the Hazelton Penitentiary in Bruceton Mills, West Virginia, on Monday. It is not clear just who sent him to the Big Shamrock in the sky. Whomever his killer was, they should be congratulated for their accomplishment.

In his hay-day he was feared by most people for being a cold blooded killer, that would rather send a person to Boot Hill just for disagreeing with him or giving him a dirty look. In plain and and simple terms, he was a grade 1 scumbag.

Just like many celebs, famous or infamous, that get sent up, many times there is a price on their head or some inmate that is in for life with nothing to lose wants to get their name in the books for offing a celeb. On top of that, killing a celeb gives the killer some CREDS (credentials) that are important for survival in prison.

Bulger joins a long list of infamous criminals that finally had justice exacted on their sorry lives.


For some criminals, the notoriety that comes with getting caught for murder, rape, and other horrific crimes is exactly what they want. The newspaper articles, biographies, and constant attention that are often attached to the world’s most evil crimes give certain criminals a sense of purpose, as if they are celebrities who will have their names remembered long after they’re dead. Unfortunately, being a notorious criminal also has plenty of downsides, especially when you’re heading to a prison filled with other hardened criminals. For a few famous criminals, fame is what leads to their untimely death within the walls of prison.

If you’ve been wondering “Who are the most famous criminals to be murdered in prison?” this list holds the answers. The men on this list have proved that maintaining a low profile in prison beats having a famous name, since being well known for their heinous crimes is what got many of these criminals a death sentence not ordered by the legal system.

From cannibalistic serial killers to pedophiles who ruined the lives of hundreds of children, the men on this list were murdered in prison by fellow inmates, whether it was due to their notoriety or personal issues.

Whitey Bulger

On October 30, 2018, notorious Boston gangster James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger was killed at US Penitentiary Hazelton in Virginia. Bulger was serving a life sentence for a host of crimes, including involvement with 11 murders. He topped the FBI’s most wanted list for 16 years until his 2011 arrest. In 2013, he was sentenced for his crimes. 

Three anonymous people briefed on the prison incident told The Boston Globe that a “fellow inmate with Mafia ties” is responsible for Bulger’s death. 

Age: 89

Birthplace: Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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Albert DeSalvo

Albert DeSalvo was better known as the confessed “Boston Strangler,” who killed 13 women. While DeSalvo never ended up in jail for those crimes, he served a prison sentence for being a serial rapist. DeSalvo attempted to escape from prison, but the escape was shortlived.

In 1973, Robert Wilson was suspected of stabbing DeSalvo to death but he was never convicted for the crime.

Age: Died at 42 (1931-1973)

Birthplace: Chelsea, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America

John Geoghan

John Geoghan, a Catholic priest, was accused of sexually abusing more than 130 children over 30 years in six different parishes. He was charged in 1991, defrocked in 1998, and sentenced to nine years by 2002. In 2003, Geoghan was stomped to death by white supremacist, Joseph Druce.

Since Druce had allegedly been planning to attack Georghan and a surveillance video of correction officers leaving the cell open was leaked, many believe that Georghan’s murder was sanctioned by the officers.

Age: Died at 68 (1935-2003)

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Jeffrey Dahmer

Photo: Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department

Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most infamous serial killers in history, most known for his rape, murder, and cannibalism of men between 1978 and 1991. Once he was caught, he was placed into solitary confinement to ensure that his fellow inmates wouldn’t hurt him.

However, when he was let into general pop, there were multiple attempts on his life. He was beaten to death by Christopher Scarver, who gave no reasons as to why he killed Dahmer.

Age: Died at 34 (1960-1994)

Birthplace: West Allis, Wisconsin, United States of America

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Jesse Anderson

When Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered by Christopher Scarver while in prison, there was another inmate alone in the room with them: Jesse Anderson. Anderson was in prison for stabbing his wife. Both he and Dahmer were bludgeoned to death in the same incident.

Scarver allegedly killed him because he initially blamed his wife’s murder on two black men.


Died at 37 (1957-1994)

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Steve Biko

Steve Biko was best known for his anti-apartheid activism in the ’60s and ’70s in South Africa. He was the founder of the Black Consciousness Movement. In 1977, he was arrested as a terrorist by South African police. During his interrogation, he was tortured and beaten until he was in a coma. He died soon after of a brain hemorrhage.

Although the police tried to claim that Biko’s hunger strike was the cause of his death, the truth was soon revealed resulting in headline news exposing the corrupt police. Unfortunately, the police were never charged. 


Died at 31 (1946-1977)


King William’s Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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Colin Hatch

Police MugshotColin Hatch was convicted of killing 7-year-old Sean Williams and was sentenced to life in prison in 1994. In 2011, Hatch was killed by a fellow inmate, but not much information was released about the killing. 

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Leslie Bailey

Photo: Police MugshotBetween 1984 and 1985, Leslie Bailey killed and molested at least three children. He was a member of a gang of pedophiles who were also convicted. Michael Cain and John Brookes strangled Bailey in his cell and made it look like a suicide. Age: 

Died at 40 (1953-1993)

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Yuri Galanskov

Yuri Galanskov was best known as a Russian human rights activist and poet, but his writing landed him seven years in a labor camp. He did his best to advocate the rights of his fellow prisoners, but when he began to suffer from bleeding ulcers, he was ignored and not given medical treatment.

Another prisoner attempted to operate on him, despite having no surgery experience, leading to Galanskov’s death.


Died at 33 (1939-1972)


Soviet Union

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Richard Loeb

Richard Loeb, a law student from the University of Chicago, was convicted of kidnapping and murdering Robert Franks in 1924 because he wanted to commit the perfect crime with his partner Nathan Leopold. In 1936, Loeb was attacked with a razor by James Day, after Loeb allegedly tried to sexually assault Day.

There was no evidence to back Day’s claims, but it was still ruled as self-defense.

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Sidonio Teixeira

Victor Castigador beat Sidonio Teixeira to death with a large stone contained in a pair of socks. Teixeira was convicted for murdering his three-year-old daughter and the attempted murder of his nine-year-old son. Castigador, already serving a life sentence, is a former member of a Filipino death squad.

He told police, “I’m wrong to kill somebody, but it’s my job… When I was in my country I was a member of a liquidation squad. Sometimes, you have to punish evil.” Castigador had a history of violence in prison; he attacked an inmate in 2001 and stabbed another in the eye in 2006.

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Mitchell Harrison

In 2012, Michael Parr and Nathan Mann killed convicted child rapist Mitchell Harrison. The murder took place in Mann’s Frankland Prison cell in County Durham, England. Mann sliced Harrison’s neck with a makeshift knife made from a razor blade and a plastic utensil. After Harrion died, the pair stabbed him in the eye and cut open his stomach. They planned to remove Harrison’s liver and eat it, but told the court they couldn’t bring themselves to do it.

When asked why they killed Harrison, the pair simply shrugged their shoulders. A psychiatrist described Mann as “a remorseless, callous psychopath” who fanaticizes about cannibalism and is “one of the most dangerous men in the criminal justice system.”

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Nicholas Anthony Rodriguez

In 2015, a riot broke out in California State Prison, Solano, in the city of Vacaville. Over half a day later, the body of Nicholas Anthony Rodriguez was discovered in a trash can. Rodriguez’s body had been sawed in half, and he was missing a number of organs from his abdomen and chest.

Although police and prison guards never determined who exactly murdered Rodriguez, they believe it was connected to the riot and that the brawl was merely a distraction. Authorities suspect Rodriguez’s cellmate, Jesus Perez, who is serving a life sentence for a Los Angeles County murder.

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Donald Harvey

Donald Harvey, known as the Angel of Death, was a serial killer who murdered over 50 people. He worked in a hospital and killed many of his patients either by poisoning them or letting the oxygen run out of their tanks, causing them to suffocate. An unnamed perpetrator attacked Harvey in his Toledo, Ohio state prison cell in 2017.

Guards found him unconscious, and he passed away shortly after.

They all lived by the sword and died by the iron pipe. So you want to be a wise-guy and a gangster, Huh?? Be- careful of what you wish for.

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