Their plan fell into the Bay ..

San Francisco spends about $6,326 for each non-citizen voter to sign up for local election, report says

Talk about idiotic; the fools by The Bay decided to allow ILLEGAL immigrants to vote – YES illegal immigrants to have a voice in how they run their government. Be careful of what you wish for. .

They spent 310.000.00$ on their hair-brain idea to sign up illegals to vote in their city. Only 49 new voters turned out a cost of 6,326$ each  for each illegal vote.  Best part, they do not even know which way the illegals voted, for or against their issue. On what planet do these fools live on??

How can it even be legal to allow an illegal vote in an election?? I don’t care what city, state, or country anyone lives in. Some of the ridiculous move these fools make are explainable. Is it even legal to allow illegals to vote??  The answer to that is YES, foolish BUTT yes.

In most cases with my decison making,  I try to be very logical in my way of viewing things. That being said; I find it almost absurd that any governmental agency in the world would allow people to have a say so in the government that are not citizens.  Does anyone BUTT me see anything wrong with that??

What is the governing body attempting to prove by letting non-citizens vote?? Do the even know the  definition of the word ILLEGAL??

For starters: banned – criminal – illegitimate – illicit – irregular – outlawed – prohibited – smuggled – unauthorized –  unconstitutional –  unlawful – unlicensed-  unwarranted – wrongful-  actionable – black-market – bootleg-  contraband – crooked –extralegal – felonious – forbidden – lawless – not approved – not legal –  outside the law  and more. 

What in the definitions above do some government officials not understand? This is exactly why so much of our government throughout the country is in turmoil. There is very little consistency, commonsense and forethought put into many of laws and regulations that are put into law.

The secret to being successful in life and in business is using good sense, being disciplined, consistency, having people in the top jobs that are qualified and not someone who is trying to make a mark for themselves in the world by being radical.  Most of all a good support group.

Example: Would these same people allow an outsider into their home and permit them to dictate to them how to run their family business?? We all know that answer to that. So why is it permissible to have an illegal immigrant have any say so on how any government is run. It doesn’t make sense.

As long as there are dip-shits in government in this world that are allowed to run wild, we will continue to have illogical situations like this.

If that 310,000.00$ was coming out of their personal bank accounts, do we think this initiative would have ever got off the ground??  You bet your Sweet Bippy it never would have.

download (1).jpg

For the youngsters; the saying Sweet Bippy was coined on the Rowan and Martin Show many years ago when there was some sanity left in the country. When comedy was not measured on how raunchy a program was or by fools getting in front of the camera and tell the president of the USA to fuck off.  How times have changed and not for the better.

Have a good week.

Because I have nothing better to do for the next few days; I think I am going to take a little trip to India and try to cast my ballot in their up and coming election.

Don’t ever forget the possibility. If we allow enough illegals to vote, they may vote one of their own into office and eliminate one of the fools that allowed them to vote.  How will the powers to be deal with that??

We must always consider the consequences when we are making critical decisions.

EXAMPLE: The scientist that invented a robot to clean his house, came home from a business trip and found Robbie was in the sack with his old lady.


I hope for the lady’s sake, Robbie was designed with a body warmer.


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