Sen. Joni Ernst says Senate’s been damaged by the Kavanaugh confirmation process

Sen. Joni Ernst says Senate’s been damaged by the Kavanaugh confirmation process

I have news for Joni, the Senate was damaged long before Kavanagh ever came around.

When we look up the words Senate, Congress, politicians, in the dictionary, the definition is spelled USELESS.

What other organizations or private sector do we know that would employ people that are only 84% efficient?? Based on those numbers that means that only 16 people out of a hundred are doing their job. I would bet the number is higher than 84.

So Joni talks about damaged goods, their inefficiency has been a factor for many years, and sadly I don’t see any change.

Personally I don’t know how these people don’t regurgitate everytime they cash one of their paychecks.

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