His brother’s keeper …..

Dave Chappelle defends Kanye West’s Donald Trump meeting: ‘I support him’

David Chappelle is not only a stand-up comedian, butt seems to be a stand-up guy.  David has gone public, stepping outside of the POPULAR BOX and supporting Kanye West in his loyalty backing of PDT’s agendas.

It appears that West has created a lot of enemies and dissension in the black community, and with the Boulder Rollers, in the media and the entertainment industry because of his support for Trump.

Is it possible that West is a lot more world wise than he has demonstrated in the past?? I think so. Beneath that rebel attitude that he so often displays, there must be person that sees the big picture and wants to make a change. West must see that the race relations and the civil unrest in this country are and have been heading in the wrong direction and wants to support PDT in changing business as usual. Will someone tell me, who can find fault that except a fool??

The only people who do not support PDT in those areas are extreme left-wingers and fools.

Does or should West support PDT in all of his endeavors, some of which are hard to explain?  Absolutely not. West supports PDT in the meaningful, common-sensed issues that are for the betterment of the entire country.

Now it appears that West is starting to pick up some support by other well-known stars that don’t have their heads where the sun doesn’t shine and are sheep playing follow the leader.

Let us be realistic and truthful. Is PDT 100% in everything he says and does. Absolutely NOT.  There is a lot to be desired when it comes to a complete package. He can be very obnoxious, overbearing, BUTT he is the best we have and the alternative was not a good choice.

As much as I applaud the support West is giving PDT, I still think the guy is a loose cannon in some areas. He has demonstrated that many times by some of his off the wall shenanigans.

Over the broad scheme of things, I guess none of us are perfect or willing to admit it!!

I hope that West continues to gain support for his mission and picks up a lot of other celebs support that can make a difference with where the country is heading.

In judging PDT, we have to look at the overall picture and not just some of his foolish idiosyncrasies. He has plenty of them.


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