USA TODAY: Monsanto ordered to pay $289 million to cancer patient in Roundup lawsuit

Is this just another case of denial and deceit like the cigarette industry did with cigarettes, claiming that they had no connection to cancer.

My solution to a heartless SOB like that, who would make that preposterous statement, would be to hog-tie him in a chair, stick about two cases of cigarettes in his mouth and lite them for him. When he burned them up, do a repeat.

It is always about the $oldi.

That is one hell of a settlement 289 million dollar$. Just guessing, I would say that the jury had a gigantic hard-on for Monsanto.

The patient in this case must have had a hell of an ambulance chaser. According to normal situations, the law firm gets 33% right off the top. Not bad.

Now it will be a wait-and-see situation to see if they ever do pay that excessive amount. Butt, what is one human life worth. Probably it depends who you AXE.

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