Stick to what you do best ….


Le Bron James thinks President Trump is using athletics, and athletes, to split up the country. And he’s rejecting the premise like an opponent’s ill-advised layup.


“What I’ve noticed over the past few months,” James shared with CNN’s Don Lemon during a sit-down interview on Monday. “(Is) he’s kinda used sports to kinda divide us, and that’s something that I can’t relate to.”
My advise to the Super Star double dribbler is to stick to what he does best; playing basketball and donating money to schools.  That I will commend him for. Getting tied up with a critic like Don Lemon can only give James a bad image.
Speaking of images; I don’t know if James is deliberately trying to look like a Muslim or what, BUTT either way he doing a good job of it.  I think he looks much better clean-shaven, BUTT again, who I am, just a guy with an opinion, fat fingers, a computer and a Campaign cover. Combining them can be dangerous.
I hate to have this come as a surprise to all of the Boulder Rollers like Le Bron and Lemon. PDT has probably done more for the American public as a whole in 1.6 years than the guy that sat in The Big Chair before him in 8 years.
If this kneeling, anti-American issue had not been created by Caper-dick, PDT would have not had a reason to intervene. I heard he doesn’t even like the sport!!
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2 Responses to Stick to what you do best ….

  1. bydesign001 says:

    LeBron James is an asshole. It would be great that he stick to what he’s good at but as I recall, he’s no longer good at that….even.

  2. bzerob says:

    Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    As I have said before I don’t remember ever taking my political advise from sports figures. Or “entertainers” for that matter! They need to just do what they are hired to do and stay out of the mix. It can only divide the fans whenever they say ANYTHING! Someone will take exception and the web is the wild west of opinions.

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