When the worm turns ….

Mayor accused of creating ‘zone of terror and lawlessness’ by supporting ‘Abolish ICE’ protesters


With leaders like Mayor Teddy, somewhere down the line all of these PC-pacifists are going to pay the price for protecting, hiding out, sheltering criminals. and encouraging civil disobedience.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on Monday accused a Oregon mayor of violating the Constitution after emboldening “Abolish ICE” protesters by ordering the police to stand down and openly expressing support for their cause.

The accusations were outlined in a cease-and-desist letter sent to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, saying he actively encouraged the protesters and their cause, while making sure Portland’s police wouldn’t crack down on them, thus creating “a zone of terror and lawlessness,” the Washington Times reported.

“When the mayor gave the order that police would not support ICE employees trapped in the facility, he turned the lives of our employees over to an angry mob,” Chris Crane, president of the National ICE Council, the organization that sent the cease-and-desist letter, told the newspaper.

It appears to me that Mayor Teddy and fools like him who were elected to uphold the laws are interrupting the laws as they wish and in the process, breaking the laws themselves.

One of these days all of this total disregard for the law is going to come back and     index.jpg            edna_the_butler_by_the_killer_wc-d8ursx8

Fools like Mayor Teddy can not understand that the foundation of this country was built on rules, regulations, discipline and patriotism; all of which they have no respect for.

Eventually, and it will happen, when their method of upholding the law backfires on them and all of the sheltered illegals turn against their protectors like Frankenstein did with his creator,  who will the be calling to bail them out?? PDT and the federal government.


There should be a special law and penalty on the books for people in authoritative positions that deliberately breaking the law or incite violence.

Some of the citizens of that part of the country are wacked out enough, they do not need any encouragement to go against the system.  BUTT as a compliment to them,  from what I read Oregon has the healthiest economy in the nation. That may be a fact, BUTT not an excuse to break the law.


As the old cliché goes; they are very successful in-spite of themselves.

I say more power to them. Cut them off federally, give them the isolation they want, leave them to their vices and eventually choke on their own ignorance.

What are they teaching their kids? If the laws do not suit them, it is OK to break them??

Take a look at the signs in this picture. Can these PC-fools really believe what they are fostering in their protests?? It definitely shows their ignorance. No BOARDERS – NO NATIONS – NO DEPORTATIONS??



They are reminiscent of the jacked-up hippie movement in the 60’s. Eventually when the fools came to their senses, they woke up from that drunken, drugged up stupor they were in, they came to realize, their NEW WAY was not the right way.  Whenever the foundation is taken away from any sound structure, it will collapse.




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