Dirty as Aunt Lucy’s skivvies

State Department releases Huma Abedin emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop

The # 1 questions should be; what is Abedin doing sharing classified information with her perverted. kinky hubby?


Abedin was the left-hand lady for CHC for many years. She was privy to a lot of top secret and classified information that she may have passed on to The Wiener.  Who knows what a freak like this guy does in a moment of passion? What if his SIDE BROAD was a Russian spy that he was getting it on with or maybe Chinese hooker. A worm like Wiener would have spilled his guts just to get a peek at the broads booty. There are too many adverse possibilities when dealing with unstable fool like Weiner the wiener. The guy is an over-sexed, loose cannon.


Employment records and emails

In October 2015, a federal court in Washington, D.C. heard arguments on a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by conservative watchdog organization Judicial Watch for records related to Abedin. Judicial Watch asked to make Ms. Abedin’s emails and employment records public, requesting details of the arrangement under which Abedin was designated a “special government employee”, allowing her to do outside consulting work while also on the federal payroll.[41][42] On October 6, the State Department said it would be able to hand over 69 pages of emails in response to the FOIA request.[43]

In 2015, emails by Abedin became part of the FBI investigation and the controversy concerning Hillary Clinton’s private email account while Secretary of State,[44][45] resulting in various allegations by Republicans of violations of State Department regulations.[46] Some officials within the intelligence community have stated that potentially-classified information was contained in e-mails from Abedin relating to the 2012 Benghazi attack and its aftermath, which had been sent through Clinton’s private, non-government server.[44][47][48] As of February 2016, 1,818 emails were found containing classified information on the private server; 22 of those were classified as Top Secret. “They were not marked classified at the time they were sent, but they did contain classified information when they were originally sent and received.” Clinton’s aides also sent and received classified information.[49]

 It is highly unlikely that Abedin didn’t know about her old man’s kinky side. She probably shit canned him only after the heat in the kitchen got too hot. She was married to Wiener for 6 + years. Kinky may have been what attracted the couple way back when they met.


Abedin stares @ CHC with such admiration.

We all know the way rumors start. There was some conversation that CHC and her left- hand lady were …… ??? Who know? Nothing would surprise me.  After all, CHC had to have another side, knowing Wild Bill was roaming the pastures all those years and put up with his nonsense.

Let’s face it; they had LONG RANGE POLITICAL PLANS and nothing was going to get in their way to fulfill them. We all know they came from and espoused to the hippie generation. AND …….


 In an interview with the National Review, Huma’s stated “I think that if my boss quit tomorrow, she will go down as one of the greatest American women in the history of the world,” sounds air-head enough that it suggests that she is just the sort of unintelligent and unsophisticated type capable of making the “she’s so beautiful” statement with utter sincerity, and unaware of what will be read into it.


Holy Toledo Batman; what kaleidoscope was this gal looking through?? Great; not even close – beautiful; fa-get-about-it!!


Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/postmodern-conservative/433754/huma-abedin-hillary-clinton-rumors

Birds (what the UK-ers refer to as women) of a feather flop together!!

I really don’t think anyone will do time over this investigation. Is it just for posterity or just another ingenious way the government blows money.

After 100’s of millions of dollars – 100’s of 1,000’s of hours wasted, the Boulder Rollers came away empty handed trying to execute PDT and his supposed Russian connections.  Couldn’t have all of the time and money spent on these witch hunts be better applied to critical issues plaguing this country.  It is a total joke.  Do the DC Fools know what the word priorities means?? If they ever did find some dirt, no one is going to the slams anyway.

March on you PPPP (pathetic, piss, poor, politicians) and use your time more wisely; like planning where you are going to take the little lady and kids on your next break in DC. Gotta be one coming up soon. After-all, you been back grinding the axe for about a week now. You have to be totally exhausted.

We all know that Hillary and most of the people associated with her are as dirty as Aunt Lucy’s skivvies but so are the majority of politicians.

Boulder Rollers, put some of your efforts into supporting PDT. The man is finally getting a little traction. And yes, he is toning it down.  It may not be obvious to the casual observer or the naked eye, but his is ever so slightly developing some diplomacy.

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