He is just nutty enough

North Korea threat: Mattis says war with isolated nation would be ‘catastrophic’

The Kid-Dick-Tator is not wrapped like the normal human beings in this world are.  The Kid has been brainwashed, schooled, indoctrinated, hardened and possibly believes in THE CAUSE as he was taught by his old man and grandfather.


What really makes him over the top dangerous is his ego. This is what he lives for. What he does on a daily basis, crazy or otherwise, is all to inflate his ego.

The scariest thing about a person like the Kid is, he has at his disposal the capability to wipe out millions of people with the push of a button.

Do I think he will do it? Absolutely, if his back is against the wall, absolutely.  He has declared himself so many times it would be an insult to himself and those that came before him to back down if he was challenged. It is all about ego and self-image.

Will the Kid ever have a change of heart? I would not bet on it. Should the world kiss his ass to pacify him? Absolutely not.

The are only a couple solutions to this monumental problem. Have him assassinated from with-in or get him before he gets the chance to push that red button.

If the Kid ever fells that he is on the way out for health or other issues, he just may give himself a great big send off by delivering THE PACKAGE  before he says his last good-byes.  It is all about saving face.

As far as China aiding the world in getting the Kid under control; For-get-a-bout-it; it is all lip service.  China loves the situations the way they are. North Korea will do the dirty work; China will come in with a big slice of Italian bread and wipe the sauce clean from the plate without getting their hands dirty.


And we always wondered what was in their own fortune cookie.

How can one lunatic have the whole world in so much turmoil. This is what fuels this guys fire.

Sad to say; the world better get him before he gets us.

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