They finally woke up

US using ‘annihilation tactics’ in final stages of ISIS fight in Mosul, Mattis says

Published May 29, 2017

Possibly the military experts are reading the Goomba Gazette and taking my suggestion. I have been saying for quite sometime; we should be going after the terrorists instead of them coming after us.

A well planned offense is always a good defense. This applies to home grown terrorists/gangs and those across the pond. Get them before they get us.

How long are they going to wait??

Chicago police warns officers about gangs armed with high-powered rifles

I did this post a couple of days ago, along with many before just like it. What is it going to take before the cops in Chicago start being proactive?

Sitting ducks

 Chicago police on edge following ‘targeted’ attack

May. 05, 2017 – 13:37 – Gang members fire on two officers with high-powered weapon

Send MOTHER to visit Kimbo

 North Korea threat: Pyongyang directly criticizes China in rare move

I am sure that Mad Dog Mattis and company are well aware of how to squash the enemy but the administration before PDT were under a pathetic illusion they could fight a war the PC way. There is no such animal. Gotta catch them when they are sleeping, sitting on the crapper, on their knees praying or any other time they have their guard down.

The one thing civilized people should understand; there are no rules in war; the only thing that matters is, who wins it. Wanna be a nice guy and play by rules; might as well surrender from the get go,  lay down and let them roll over you.

First comes the element of surprise and then annihilate them; not contain them as our past prez so foolishly recommended. Not a pretty sight but that is how the terrorists are playing the game around the world. They are annihilating anyone and everyone they can.

I never heard of any terrorists organization send out a telegram or post to social media a notice that they are going to bomb a venue next week or next month.  Their element of surprise is what makes them so successful in their demented missions.

Does a person with cancer want to contain it or get rid of/annihilate it permanently?  You have your answer. The terrorists are a cancer.

Most importantly; never use a BB Gun to defend against a rocket launcher.  Go in there for keeps. Winner take all. That is the way wars are won.


images                   15DSYUDSYRDRYDR19AGU_Wood_is

Notice any difference???

One of the major problems with the PC-ers is; they never had a MAJOR war fought on their home turf by terrorists. I am not taking about isolated incidents; I am talking about an all out war. If that would ever happen; the PC-ers would throw all of their sympathetic beliefs out the window and want to government to win at all costs by taking any measures to do so.  Then it would not be just headlines on CNN or Fox; it would be real.

I said years back; the only thing that the terrorists/gangs/outlaws understand and MAY respect (respect and fear go hand in hand) is a force that is more powerful and brutal than theirs. Sad to say; it is a fact of life and a matter of survival.
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