What you love today can kill you tomorrow

Life can be very fickle at times; just ask PDT.

Wikileaks was a godsend for PDT when the election was closing in on the finish line. If it wasn’t for Wiki, PDT may not be sitting in The Big Chair right now.


On the other side of the coin, now Wiki is causing him nothing but migraine headaches.

Its founder Julian Assange has a compulsion lay it on the line, regardless of whose head he chops off.


These are just a few of the organization and people he has put the hammer to in recent times.

The truth can be a very touchy subject. It is always best to come out up front and tell it like it is. BUT, always the BIG BUT. If the truth is going to cause undue harm to anyone, possibly it should be kept under the covers or just released to a select few.  As the old saying goes, Silence is golden!

By what Assange is doing, he is literally bringing down some very big people in high places as well as governments.  Is it a good thing? Possibly, if the end result of the Wikileaks is a positive one but as we know, that is not always the case.

I would have to fault the spies that are releasing information to Assange more than I fault him. Without the mole, there would be no hole (kind of poetic).

Depending on how sensitive the information is that is being released, the moles should be given the most severe penalty for their crimes against the government.

As for Assange, he is just a conveyor or purveyor of information (kind of poetic).  BUT, in the process of exposing the wrong doings, his information is causing havoc throughout the world.

I guess to sum it up; if everyone played by the rules, there will be nothing for Wiki to leak.

Don’t hold your breath.


If that were the case, Assange may be sitting on a street corner with a cup in his hand and a monkey on his shoulder.

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