I now believe in the tooth-fairy

Like Judas; I want to stick my hand in the wound before I believe it.


There have been so many letdowns before where justice was not served, that I will be pleasantly surprised if the FBI follows through what they are sworn to do, that they should have done much sooner.

I don’t know if it is pressure being put on the FBI from the public or what.  This news is too good to be true.

I made a statement a few months back; the only way Trump was going to win is if something catastrophic happened to BB.  Possibly this is it!!!

This may be the straw that broke the liars back and what is needed for  the people in the USA  who recognize just how screwed up the country is under this administration, to finally have this women prosecuted for deliberately breaking the law and snubbing her nose at the justice system.

Many high ranking people that have done a lot less than she has, have gone to the proverbial gallows for their mistakes.

If Mr. Karma ever had to prove he really exists, it is now.


My only hope is that this is not yet another FBI  false alarm and the justice system has time to act before election day.

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