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For the Record’s week in review: ‘Damn emails’ are back:

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                                                      GUILTY AS SIN

What do most decent people do when they hear of an impropriety that  someone who should be held in high esteem, possibly may have pulled a few shenanigans? Their first impulse is usually to giving the accused the benefit of the doubt.

A few years back, when I read that Mr. Huxtable was getting raked over the coals in his sex scandal, I thought some pissed off people were behind the charges; trying to discredit the guy because of his frank speeches he gave the black youth.

Coincidentally at the same time, The Coz was giving speeches to the young kids in the black community about starting to  take responsibility for their lives and quit blaming the white people for their shortcomings.

Must I say; it was very good advice but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.  By what I see in the crime rate, not much has happened since then.

I always thought Cosby was one hell of a guy. It is sad that he had an Achilles heel that eventually brought him down.

Initially, I thought that possible one or more of the ladies that claimed molestation were after a lawsuit and could be possibly were lying.

As the accusers began lining up, I said, maybe 3 or 4 looking for 15 minutes of fame but not 30 or more. The one-time funny man that made a living being the poster boy for the black community was busted and justifiably so.

Using the same rationale with the BB’s email scandal. Possibly this woman could have mistakenly sent a few dozen emails thru unsecured server accidently but when the number got into the 100’s of thousands, there is No Way Jose.  She is guilty as sin and should not be allowed to get away with deliberately breaking the law.

Who else on this planet could get away with telling the 1,000’s of lies she told EVERYONE, including congress – disregarded subpoenas by congress – instructed her staff to lie or plead the 5th –  deliberately destroyed evidence – many of her emails could have been commandeered by our enemies; the list of possible charges against her is endless.

Sad to say her protection is coming right from the top.


Like the Coz, these were not just a few isolated incidents; she as well is guilty as sin and should be held accountable and disqualified for running for president.

To all of the voters out there. This woman is running for the highest office in our country and should be held to a higher standard. If she is elected; you haven’t seen anything yet. By her walking Scott-free, it will only exacerbate her already grossly inflated ego and opens the door for many more illegal Clinton stunts.

Giving any criminal a slap on the wrist is not the answer to justice, it only reinforces their CROOKED mentality and rewards them for their misdeeds.

If you have any common-sense and want to see our country restored to a land of dignity; you know where to put your mark in 11 days; in the Trump box.


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