How do we spell FAA – Stupid???

FAA considers allowing drones to fly over people

Let us not forget that these are the same people that wanted to allow knives under 4″ back on the airplanes after 911.


With all of the negative press drones are getting and proof that they are a distinct hazard not only to aircraft but the population as well; the FAA (Spelled STUPID) is consider allowing them to fly over the general public.

WASHINGTON – The Federal Aviation Administration is considering allowing small drones to fly over more people after a group of industry experts made recommendations that reduce risks from flights of the remote-controlled aircraft.

The industry recommendations call for all drones to stay at least 20 feet above and 10 feet to the side of people. The smallest aircraft weighing less than a half pound would have no other restrictions. More requirements would be placed on aircraft that are larger or could fly faster, depending on how much injury could be caused if they crash.


I would absolutely be ashamed to attach my name or organization to this statement.  It only magnifies the degree of how stupid these people are.  Do the Drone Wizards really think that that drone nuts will abide by these regulations?  Wake up ladies; I bet you still believe in the tooth fairy.

Is it possible these ignorant government employees really get paid for their stupidity? It seems to be an epidemic in public office where the applicants have to pass a stupidity test before the are hired.

One thing that is for certain; I know that none of the terrorists in this world  know anything about this brilliant move. HELLOOOOOOOOOO! Why not send them all an engraved invitation putting them on notice the day they go legal?

I am completely dumbfounded and scared to death that the lives of the American people are in the hands of such incompetent imbeciles.




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