Too little too late – a disgrace

Ex-coal company CEO sent to prison for deadly blast:

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Don Blankenship the former CEO of the Massey Coal Company was sentenced to one year in prison Wednesday and fined $250,000.00 for his role in a West Virginia mine explosion that killed 29 people six years ago. The fix had to be in before he went to trial.

The sentence is too light and the fine is pocket change to Blankenship that is worth millions.

To put it in prospective; this bum is going to serve 12.59 days for each person he killed. Than he will get early release and do what the terrorists do when they are let go; go back to their old way of living.

I have a more appropriate sentence for this snake in the grass. They should turn his greedy ass over to the miners families that were killed.  They will show him what WVA justice is all about. What an insult to these people and the dead miners.  The only thing those dead miners mean to this weasel is someone that is going to keep him living the high life.

Blankenship was named the most abusive coal baron that ever lived.

If I had to guess, I would bet that Donny is going to be sent to one of those executive prisons that have room service and conjugal visits.  For the readers that are not familiar with conjugal visits; it means that the prisoner can get laid while they are locked up.  It is a common practice in some penal institutions.  Pretty sweet set up.

This was not the first time there were safety infractions at Massey Coal Company under Blankenship’s leadership. Companies like Massey make gigantic profits off of the backs  of the men that work for them.  They are nothing but cold blooded task masters.

There is no real justice when it comes to the people with the big bucks.

Commander and Chief

Read this article about Blankenship in Wikipedia. It will clarify what a real bottom feeder this son of a bitch is and was.  People like him are born with a heart or a soul.

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