You gotta be kidding me

The Blaze

State Department Ridiculed for ‘Delusional’ Boast of 2015 Achievements Including ‘Bringing Peace’ to Syria:

There are only four words that can describe this ludicrous, preposterous statement made by the Obama administration.

ARE YOU SHITTING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Out of frustration they make me want to pull out the little hair I have left .

download (5)

I watched the video of a press conference that one of Obama’s puppets gave yesterday and he looked like someone that was strapped to the rack and had to say things he didn’t want to say.

download (6)

What a ———- joke this administration has turned into.

I can gather 1,000 kids under 5 years old – present all the facts to them as they exist and I will bet my house on it that 95% of them would see conditions as they are instead of this horse-shit that the government is trying to ram down our throats. When is enough ever enough.

What an insult to the good American people’s intelligence  that our president has the gall to try, for the lack of a better word, try and bull-shit the people in this country.

Syria and 85% of all the other jackpots we are in or have been with this presidency have been a total disaster. I am being very generous with the 85%.

Mr. O; quit looking through the kaleidoscope – see the reality of things and start telling the American people the dire straights we are in and what YOUR PLAN is to get us out of them. That is what you were elected for.


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