Princess of Pizza

Pizza order helped lead authorities to ‘affluenza’ teen, mother:

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Beside being a disgrace to mother hood and a PPP (piss poor parent), the affluenza kids Ma Ma has to be a real brain surgeon.

What we have here is an absolute permissive, overbearing, imbecilic women that is on the run with her spoiled to the core brat, ordering a pizza in Mexico with her cell phone.  How smart can she be. That little hunger pain led to the capture and arrest of her and the brat.

The Princess of Pizza  is tooooo foolish to know that the blood hounds were hot on their trail and cell phones are the easiest thing to track.


I am sure everyone is aware of the circumstances surrounding this case.

When the brat was 16 years old, Ethan Couch killed 4 people while driving a truck drunk.

He was arrested – sent to trial – found guilty of killing 4 innocent people  – the imbecile judge that was either on dope, on the take, stupid or all of the above, sentenced the brat to 10 years probation with no jail time.

Her LOGIC behind her despicable decision was that the kid was so spoiled by his parents that he didn’t know right from wrong. If that was her opinion, she should have sent the parents to jail.

You know what I have to say to that. I am going to give this one a double

eee           bull

What an insult, punch in the stomach and  a disgrace to the judicial system her dis-honoress put on the families of the people the brat killed.

In my opinion, the judgess who helped coined the word affluenza should be brought up on dereliction of duty charges and disbarred for her pathetic ruling.  She should get the jail time she didn’t give the brat.

This PPP (pathetic piece of PC-ness) should be thrown in jail on gross stupidity charges.

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Judgess Jean Hudson Boyd has to go down in the legal annals as the poster child for PC-ness, ignorance and a disgrace to the legal system.

Today I am making two awards. 1st to the Princess of Pizza for her ignorance and piss poor parenting – 2nd to her dis-honorable for her ignorance and complicity in the brats delinquency.

Do the brats parents have any idea what is going to happen to junior if and when he is sent to jail?  The inmates love fresh little boys like him. The parents should have been smart enough to quit while they were ahead of the game.

I said it in my previous posts. We haven’t heard the last of the AFFLUENZA KID!!!

This should serve as an example to other parents out the who LOVE THEIR KIDS TOO MUCH. They have no idea the harm they are doing their kids.

Be a parent first and then a friend FOLKS.

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