What happened to the Land of the Free??

This one-sided/biased ruling favoring the gay couple should be an outrage to all of the American people.

The owners of an Oregon bakery, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, Aaron Klein and his wife, that refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple that was getting married, were forced by the state to pay more than $135,000 to the gay duo.

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The FASCISM / STRONG-ARMED tactics imposed by the State of Orangutan forced the couple to pay $136,927.07, that included $7,000.00 interest, was paid last week.  Talk about sticking up someone without a gun!!! It had to take years for these people to make that kind of money.

The ridiculous damages were awarded in a bogus settlement 2 years ago for emotional suffering caused by the bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer.

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The bakers said they refused to make the cake because of their religious beliefs which I think they were entitled to do.

That must have been some very extreme, excruciating suffering the gay duo had to experience to get that much of a settlement. With that kind of money, $137,000.00, it surly can heal their trumped up wounds for a long time.

What a perfect setting but a place like  PC-Oregon for a gay, blood sucking couple to sue some hard working, religious  America citizens out of their hard earned money.

If I am not mistaken; and I am not; religious rights were in place in the LAND OF THE FREE a hell of a long time before the gay rights ever stuck it’s head out of the sand in this country.

I am not sure but I this it is possible that some shyster ambulance chaser got a hold of this story at the time and thought it would be a good payday. Their usual fee is 1/3 of what they can shake someone down for.

Because many in this pathetic society we are living in is so PC; I am wondering if the couple that owned the bakery were Muslims’ if the same rules would apply?? I don’t think so.

Our capitulating, standing on their heads government has gone to such extremes to make sure the Muslims in this country are protected and not offended but when it comes to a Christian couple religious rights,  the country turns their back on them. As I said many time; whose side are they on anyway???  I guess their actions speak loud and clear.

Do I think that gay couples should have civil rights? I will give it a 50 -50 but putting one element against the other, I believe that the religious rights of a Christian couple should superseded those of the gays.

Anyone that thinks it is natural for Jane and Jill or John and Jake to be married needs to see a shrink. If that was the norm since the beginning of time, none of us would be here talking about it.

Our country and it’s leaders have evolved into a despicable group of special interest/new politically correctness door mats that are permitting anyone and everyone to walk all over the principles that our country was founded on.

The guy that wore the wigs must be turning over in their graves.

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Talk about picking, choosing and taking things out of context. It is absolutely absurd how the Constitution has been twisted, turned and manipulated to accommodate some special interests crack pots whims.

It should be plain as the nose on ours faces that the majority of the politicians that have jumped ship from their original beliefs on particular issues is only for the sake of the vote.  How can a person have such strong opinions about any subject one day and the next day they make a 180. A vast majority of them  I will call political hypocrites. New word for the day politacrits; pronounced po-lit-a-crits.  

This is just another example of the silent majority sitting still, shutting their mouths and letting the social agitators walk all over them.


I have to wonder if the silent majority even exists anymore???? If they do, they certainly have been very silent.



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